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Step 1

Each girl on the team buys a pair of leggings from our partner vendor that they love and would genuinely love to verbally recommend to their friends and post on their social media platforms (instagram, instagram stories, facebook, snapchat)

Step 2

Friends, family, and followers who wish to purchase can visit to purchase the items they desire.  We will supply a "promo code" that will track all the sales generated from the team

Step 3

The team will receive 20% back on all orders.

For example:

Assuming a $100 average order

A team with 50 girls that each can have 10 people purchase, the team would receive $11,000 back.


Fundraising Booster for Girls Sports

For more info:

"We solve the problems of traditional fundraising for teams"

  • Selling things people don't really want

  • Girls are limited to point of sale and outreach

  • Friends and family feel obligated to donate

  • Product is not something that the girls use themselves

  • Price point and volume of the product doesn't generate enough funds to make it worthwhile to the team.

  • Orders are shipped directly from us to the customer. 

  • No minimum commitments, contracts, or pre-orders

Thanks! Message sent.

About Us

Hi name is Angel Chen.  I'm a spin instructor, dance mom, and homemaker.   I live in Anaheim Hills, Ca. with my husband Charles and 2 daughters,  Cameron 14 and Kyle 4.  Over the years, my daughter Cameron has been in different sports clubs and dance.   She is part of her high school cheer and song team.  Like other moms, I was trying to think of ideas to raise funds for her program.  My friends of 20 years, Lisa and Michelle (owners of Brazil Pants) partnered together with me to set up a great program to help donate back to the teams.  They have a wonderful company with a mission and product that I use myself.  I believe in this because it's very genuine. Everything from the product, the supplier, the social media posting, and most importantly, our girls like it.

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